Description of the

Plant rod

Firstly, our plastic planting rod is resistant to weather conditions, although this does not mean that the planting rod cannot also be used indoors. Secondly, things can easily be attached to it. In short, you can fix plants with plant wire as well as cable ties. Furthermore, the planting rod can be drilled and screwed. Apart from that the planting rod offers an enormously high stability.

For example, even climbing plants can find a perfect hold on this plant stick. You can use the planting rod for shrubs, but also for vegetables (such as beans), long-stemmed flowers or berries. This article can be used universally and offers long-term pleasure.

Depending on where you want to place the plants, you also have the option of placing the stick in different containers. For example, our plant stick can be put directly into the ground. You can also use it in pots, tubs or other containers.

quantity: 20 pieces
Length: 1500 mm (special lengths on request)
diameter: 24 mm
Material: PVC Recycling

Your surface may be very hard. If this is the case, you have the possibility of hammering the plant stick into the ground with a hammer and a wooden allowance. Please note that you should not use brute force to do this. By means of light blows, the planting rod will set piece by piece. Make sure that you do not hit at an angle and always try to hit the plant stick vertically.

You also have the option of drilling holes on the side for fastening or screwing in screws directly.

Last but not least you are free in your design. The plant sticks can also be processed into an individual trellis. Due to the fact that the rods are borable, screwable and also cuttable, there are no limits to your imagination. You can create an individual trellis which is perfectly adapted to your local conditions and which virtually merges with your house and/or garden.