Shingles rectangle 245 x 380 mm

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Very light, easy to install, no breakage, the material comes very close to the original material in texture and colour and is hardly distinguishable from the original in the distance.

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Here you can request the material for your roof individually. Please indicate exact dimensions and the angle of inclination. We will make you an offer tailored to your needs. You can also attach a file with a photo of the roof or a sketch.


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      Description of the

      Rectangle shingles made of plastic in slate look

      The roof and façade design are decisive for the character of a house. Especially as it offers protection against the weather. Slate shingles have enjoyed great popularity for centuries, not least because of their appearance. In general, shingles are often used for roofing and cladding of facades. However, the costs for the material and installation are usually high. Therefore, plastic shingles are a cost-effective alternative.

      moreplast plastic shingles combine the unique optical properties of original slate with the advantages of modern plastics. Furthermore, our plastic shingles are made of mineral-filled polyolefin. Because of this material our product comes very close to the original material in its texture and colour. Moreover, it is also very inexpensive in purchase and processing. This lowers your storage, transport and processing costs. Last but not least, the economic advantage is also worth mentioning.

      The particularly advantageous properties of plastic shingles

      Plastic shingles are light, impact resistant and unbreakable. Therefore they are also easy to install. Added to this is the simple fastening. On top of that you don't even have to pre-drill. By the way, the material is very easy to cut. For example, by scoring with a carpet knife and breaking off. Last but not least, the cutting edge can be reworked with a hammer, similar to natural material. In contrast to natural slate, you don't have to worry about breaking off pieces of plastic. You can also step on these shingles without any problems. A single plastic shingle weighs only up to about 480 grams, depending on the design. Moreover, heat and sound insulation works just as well as with natural material. Our plastic shingles are also insensitive to moss. Therefore, their appearance is preserved for a long time.

      Optics of the plastic shingle

      In general, you do not have to do without the popular shimmering and velvety look of the different slate layers when using plastic shingles. In the colour variation black - anthracite the slate look is perfectly imitated by our product. Those who like it a little more colourful will also get them in a rich red-brown colour.

      Technical data plastic roof shingles - rectangular:

      • Material: mineral filled polyolefin
      • Rectangular shingle 380 mm x 240 mm
      • Quantity/m²: approx. 17-28 pieces (normal laying / double laying)
      • Weight: approx. 480 grams / piece
      • 100% recyclable
      • Excellent in thermal and sound insulation
      • Anti-moss Impact resistant
      • Installation from a roof pitch of 12° (only with underlaid water roof)
      • Installation from 22° standard roof pitch
      • One pack is enough for about 1.7 m²
      • Colours: red-brown and anthracite-black

      Additional information


      red-brown, black

      Packaging unit

      1 pack of 30 pieces, 8 pack of 30 pieces, 70 pack of 30 pieces


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