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Plastic roofs

Lightweight high-tech plastic. Ideal as a replacement for Eternit or sheet metal roofs or as a substructure for solar systems. Relieves the load on the substructure. Can be used at roof angles as low as 3 degrees. Simple, clean and quick to install.

Facades made of plastic

Easy to install, very long service life, good insulation values and easy to clean. Especially suitable for weather sides.

plastic balconies

Balconies made of tried and tested precious plastic fencing. No more painting, durable, UV-stable, waterproof and easy to clean. In our kit with accessories! The matching flower box is available on request.

plastic fences

No more painting, durable, UV-stable, waterproof and easy to clean. With us in the kit!

Plastic in the garden

Durable, waterproof and stable. A very good alternative to materials such as wood... Here you will find some good ideas for your garden.


Easy to assemble, quick to clean, weatherproof, easy to customise. The carports from moreplast not only look good...


Products made of plastic are usually much lighter (to transport, to lay...) Also the statics of an existing roof truss do not have to be changed for a roof made of plastic. Transport costs are lower.


Our products are good for the environment. All are recyclable, many are made of recycled material, usually easier to transport, often more energy-efficient and usually last longer. The painting of fences, balconies and facades is no longer necessary...


Plastics are very durable. We do not use artificial plasticizers, which can make plastics brittle over time. For example, our roofs can theoretically last for centuries.

environmental influences

As a rule, plastics do not absorb water and are therefore frost-proof and waterproof. Thicker solid plastics work much more sluggishly with temperature fluctuations and are therefore subject to little mechanical stress. In the long run, sunlight only changes the surface. The material core remains unaffected.

Processing and

Our plastic products are easy to saw and faster and easier to install and process. Our plastic tiles do not break so easily, even if one falls from the roof during installation. Due to their low weight they are easy to transport (to you and on your roof, which is good for your back...).

Plastic - indestructible, light, recyclable...

We should and dare to cover our roofs with it, to cover our facades with it, to surround our balconies with it, to fence in our properties with it or to design our cold frames with plastic!

In some areas - for example in windows or in professional horticulture - it is impossible to imagine life without plastic as a valuable material. When my father started producing plastic facade elements 40 years ago, almost everyone laughed at him. Today, the facades from back then still look good, withstand wind and weather and are easy to clean - even after 40 years (while other facades had to be painted several times...).

It is exactly the same with the roofs. Whether roofing membranes as a replacement for old asbestos-containing roofs with a low pitch or plastic tiles - they fulfil their purpose, even better, for example, in terms of storm resistance (up to 200 km/h) for premium tiled roofs, they are many times lighter than conventional roof tiles, there is no breakage, they rot much less, are much easier to lay and insulate better...

And what about the environmental idea? Most of our roof tiles and shingles are made of high-quality recycled plastics. They can also be recycled again in more than 50 years... The energy required for production and transport is far below that of a clay brick, as is the material volume. A further advantage is the preservation: facades, fences and balconies no longer have to be painted, garden products do not have to be replaced every few years...

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