Garden products from moreplast

Whether sandbox, cold frame or greenhouse - plastic is a very durable and easy to maintain material for the garden. We have put together some kits for you.

Here is an example of a 3 year old greenhouse...


Prejudices like the plastic in the garden quickly becomes brittle, we can completely refute for our high-quality plastic garden products. We only use high-quality plastic profiles/panels for our kits, which are also used in window construction and have a high UV resistance.


Our garden products are not only easy to maintain and therefore very easy to keep clean - they also look good!


The assembly and adjustment on site can be easily carried out without any problems. The high-quality plastic profiles are easy to work with and process. You do not need any special tools or techniques.


The transport is carried out to you by our own fleet of vehicles in the collective transport procedure. This enables us to guarantee on-time delivery and proper shipping without damage. On delivery you can also ask the driver questions, as our drivers are trained.

Example greenhouse

3 years old...


Plastic greenhouse
Built in 2015, picture 2018