Plastic fences from moreplast - never paint again!

In contrast to fences made of wood or metal, which have to be protected from the weather by recurring maintenance, our plastic fences are extremely durable and weather-resistant. They retain their optical properties even after many years without cost-intensive painting.

Here you can see examples of 13 year old fences!

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The colloquial plastic fences are often said to have little stability. However, we can completely refute this prejudice with our fences made of high-quality plastic. Our plastic fences are made exclusively of high-quality plastic profiles, which are also used in window construction, due to their high UV resistance. In addition, these profiles are reinforced at prominent points by core profiles made of plastic, metal or wood.


Our plastic fences are in no way inferior to conventional fence models made of wood or metal. You can choose from a variety of colours and decors, which allow you almost countless design possibilities. In addition, we also offer you already assembled models, which only have to be assembled.



Since we only use high-quality plastic profiles for our plastic fences, these can also be easily processed with conventional tools. The assembly and adaptation of our models can therefore also be easily implemented by laymen. In order to illustrate the most important installation steps, we have also created detailed installation videos for you.



Your plastic fences will be transported to you by our trained employees with their own vehicles. This guarantees a punctual and undamaged delivery to your home. As part of the delivery, you can also ask our specialist staff questions about the product or assembly.

Plastic fences from moreplast:
13 years and never painted!

moreplast fence Mehlingen 2005, picture 2018

Built in 2005, picture 2018

moreplast fence Mehlingen 2005, picture 2018

Built in 2005, picture 2018

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