Description of the

Plastic roof ridge

The roof ridge is also referred to simply as a ridge or roof bib. It is mainly used for hipped or gabled roofs and represents the horizontal highest point of the roof edge. Thus it forms the upper roof edge. Like the verge, it serves the roof as protection. The morpelast plastic roof ridge consists of modified hard PVC, which makes it extremely weather-resistant, durable and 100% recyclable. Due to the plastic used, it is insensitive to dirt, moss and deposits and effectively protects the roof, like the verge, against weather influences from outside. Another advantage of using rigid PVC is its low weight of approx. 1000 g/m.

Our plastic roof ridge is also suitable for different roof angles and is available up to a length of 6 m. All these properties make it flexible and can be used in the context of different roof constructions. The roof ridge is part of our closed system consisting of our plastic roofing membranes, our plastic verge and the lateral plastic end profile.


Plastic roof bib - Properties at a glance

Material: modified rigid PVC

Dimensions: 200 mm x 70 mm

Lengths: up to 6 m, cuts possible

Suitable for: flexible - suitable for different roof angles Saddle roof, hipped roof

Colours: brick red


Plastic ridge - Advantages

  • 100% recyclable
  • Durable and weather-resistant thanks to modified rigid PVC
  • splash-proof
  • impact resistant
  • small weight


  • flexible - suitable for different roof angles
  • hip roof, gable roof