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    Plastic facade profiles

    For the long-term preservation of many exterior areas of your house, such as roof overhangs, carports or roof bibs, the choice of the right cladding / facade is of enormous importance with regard to its protection and longevity. moreplast facade profiles made of plastic effectively protect these strongly weather-influenced areas from all weather conditions for years and thus save you, compared to conventional facade panels made of wood, recurring and time-consuming maintenance and cost-intensive painting.

    Our plastic façade profiles made of PVC have proven their worth for more than 45 years in the design and realisation of façades for exterior and interior use. PVC is a very durable and environmentally friendly plastic. It retains its shape and colour and is therefore insensitive to the effects of heat and light. In contrast to wooden facade profiles, moreplast plastic facade panels keep their optical properties for years. Mould, bacteria and other rotting processes, as well as wetness and algae, cannot harm our PVC barrel profiles. Therefore, they are not only excellently suited for facade design on the outside, but are also unbeatable in the interior.

    Our plastic façade profiles are also frequently used in the food industry for ceilings and walls, as their properties offer security in hygienic and air-conditioning matters. However, the plastic profiles are also used in the design of private interiors such as bathrooms or showers because of their easy-care surface.

    With our façade profiles, the substructure can be mounted on roof battens, and because of the rear ventilation, counter battens can also be used. The batten spacing centre/centre should not exceed 400 mm. Due to the unique hollow chamber structure, you can also achieve significantly better insulation values with rear-ventilated installation You can obtain our facade profiles up to a length of 6 m on request. For the inner and outer corners and as an h-shaped end profile we offer the Uniwinkel. This can only be ordered in combination with facade profiles.

    These facade profiles have a cover width of 167 mm. This means that with 6 of these façade profiles next to each other you have a cover width of one meter.

    Advantages of plastic facade profiles at a glance

    Stability and resilience

    High quality PVC material ensures high load capacity and impact resistance.

    Extremely high resistance to weathering

    Wind and weather cannot harm the plastic profiles. They maintain their optical and mechanical properties for years. They retain their shape even at high temperature fluctuations.

    Easy processing and assembly

    The facade profiles can be easily processed with the usual woodworking tools. The lightweight hollow chamber profile is very easy to install.

    Easy maintenance

    Normal soiling can be easily removed with warm water by adding a mild dishwashing detergent.

    Additional information

    Facade profile

    2 pcs. facade profile white, 2000 mm, 2 pcs. facade profile white, 3000 mm, 2 pcs. facade profile white, 4000 mm, 2 pcs. facade profile white, 5000 mm, 10 pcs. facade profile white, 2000 mm, 10 pcs. facade profile white, 3000 mm, 10 pcs. facade profile white, 4000 mm, 10 pcs. facade profile white, 5000 mm, 1 pcs. uni angle white, 2000 mm, 1 pcs. uni angle white, 3000 mm, 1 pcs. uni angle white, 4000 mm


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