Description of the

Your advantages with our Greenhouse Tunnel

Our Moreplast tunnel / greenhouse is versatile and offers several advantages over other greenhouses. Because the roof and side walls are bent in one piece, the sun always falls at a right angle on this greenhouse and thus provides ideal conditions for heating the interior. Depending on the design, you also have the option of a very comfortable working height at the edges. The area is much better usable than in other greenhouses. For example, you can also place not only plants on the ground at the edges, but even a raised bed. A further advantage is the door, which, due to the wide design, allows you to easily bring larger raised beds or bags of potting soil into the interior.

  • door width of 950 mm
  • perfect heating due to vertical light incidence
  • comfortable working at the edge of the greenhouse
  • Area optimally used
  • Multi-skin boards are hail-resistant and 10 mm thick


Our tunnel greenhouse in detail (characteristics and dimensions)

The standard element is 3150 x 2500 x 2300 mm (width x depth x height). This element can be extended as desired. Each additional element extends your greenhouse by 1250 mm. You can therefore choose to use the standard element (2 elements) with 2500 mm depth, 3 elements with 3750 mm, 4 elements with 5000 mm or 5 elements with 6250 mm. Theoretically, you can continue with the depth, but we do not recommend making the greenhouse even larger, as any further increase would affect the ventilation.

Without the front wall and the back wall you get a tunnel. You also have the possibility to install a fixed back wall or to provide the front wall (and of course the back wall) with a double door.

The appropriate screws and profiles for sealing the doors are of course included. The front wall and the rear wall also consist of 10 mm web panels.

The variations for the walls are as follows:

  • no walls
  • closed walls
  • Walls with double doors