Plastic roof tiles from 10° roof inclination

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Sample calculation:

You have a saddle roof with a roof area of 140 m² 10.00 x 7.00 m (width x height) on each side. You want to cover it with black plastic pans.

You'll need it for this:

  • 864 roof tiles 3.975,00 Euro
    (140 sqm x approx. 6.2* roof tiles)
  • 18 x ridge 324,00 Euro
    (min. 2 pieces of ridge per linear meter minus start and end piece)
  • 1 x ridge beginning 19,40 €
  • 1 x ridge end 19,40 €
  • 38 x verge pantile left 539,60 €
    (approx. 2.7* verge pantiles per linear meter x 14 meters)
  • 38 x verge ladle right €539.60
  • (approx. 2.7* verge tiles per linear meter x 14 meters)

Results in a material price of 5417.00 euros including VAT and delivery within Germany (excluding islands).
* The exact factor depends on the distance between the battens. Optimal distance is 375 mm.

You can also install the roof yourself!

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    Plastic roof tiles from 10° roof inclination

    In many areas, plastics have become indispensable. Our patented plastic roofing tiles are now a real alternative to conventional roofing tiles or tiles for roof coverings as well: In terms of their optical and mechanical properties, these conventional roof tiles are in no way inferior. When we talk about plastic roofing tiles today, we mean the polymer mineral material from which our plastic roofing tiles are made using the most modern manufacturing processes.

    The material thus guarantees maximum load-bearing capacity and a service life of over 30 years. Last but not least, moreplast roof tiles are hail-resistant, break-proof and can therefore be walked on without special measures. Accordingly, this stability completely excludes damage during transport and assembly. In addition, plastic roof tiles are less sensitive to moss and other weather-related changes to the material, as water absorption is very low.

    Moreplast roof systems are characterised by excellent ergonomics during transport, handling and processing. Beyond this, there is a need for space
    of only 6.1-6.5 pieces/m² and with our plastic roof tiles an increase in the amount of installation is achieved. At the same time, the mass to be moved is reduced by approx. 60-65%, which makes transport on the roof easier and more ergonomic. Another advantage of moreplast roof tiles is their environmental friendliness. Because they are 100% recyclable.


    Processing and assembly of plastic roof tiles

    Moreplast plastic roof tiles as well as shaped elements can be processed, i.e. cut to size, with common tools. Fastening is done with the enclosed screws. Optionally, the plastic roof tile is available with a pre-mounted seal and a clip with mounted aretation screws. The clip holds the plastic roof tile firmly in place even with lower roof slopes (from 10° roof pitch) and high wind speeds. The seal prevents the penetration of water in the event of driving rain and also makes the plastic roof tile snow-proof and storm-resistant up to wind force 12.

    Our patented plastic roof tile is part of a closed system, i.e. you can also obtain the matching plastic ridge and plastic verge from us.

    Our roof tiles are available in the colours black and reddish brown.

    Difference between standard and premium plastic roof tiles

    The standard roof tile (15° slope) is to be used with a roofing of at least 15° slope. On the other hand, the Premium tile (10° slope) can be used with a minimum slope of 10°. This is possible due to the additional seal and screw connection. The gasket is pre-assembled on the Premium roof tile. A clip holds the roof tile in place even at lower roof slopes (from 10° roof pitch) and high wind speeds. The seal prevents water from penetrating during driving rain.


    Frequently asked questions about plastic roof tiles (FAQ):

    • Can I build a photovoltaic system on the roof tile?

    Yes, the plastic roof tile is ideal for this. Due to its low weight, you can usually install a photovoltaic system on the plastic roof tile without any problems. For example, you can save weight with these roof tiles and thus improve the statics of the roof in order to install a photovoltaic system, even if this was not planned in the original statics.

    • We have our holiday home on the water and are therefore in contact with salt water. Can the roof tiles take it?

    Yes, thanks to the special plastic, our roof tiles are resistant to external influences such as salt water. Especially in comparison to sheet metal or clay tiles, salt water cannot cause any damage to the roof tiles.

    • Can I fix the tile with more screws?

    Yes, you can fix the roof tile with a maximum of 3 screws. You can attach a clip to each of these so that the roof tile above is also secured to the eaves. This is the maximum attachment and safely withstands the most extreme wind speeds. Further screws and clips for additional fixings in extreme areas are available on request.


    Advantages of plastic roof tiles:

    • very low weight
    • simple assembly
    • walkable
    • elastic
    • steadfast
    • Seawater resistant
    • Screws not visible
    • save money
    • low transport costs
    • recyclable

    Properties of the very light [ >10 kg/qm] and break-resistant plastic roof tile:

    • Material: recycling polymer mineral
    • Easy to install from a roof pitch of 10° (Premium) and 15° (Standard)
    • Very low water absorption, therefore moss inhibiting.
    • Size: 420 x 473 mm
    • Walkable
    • 100% recyclable
    • Including fixing material [Standard fixing]
    • Required quantity for cover: 6.1 - 6.5 pieces / square meter


    Additional information

    roof pitch

    Standard 15°, Premium 10

    2 reviews for plastic roof tiles from 10° roof pitch

    1. Bernhard Ambrosius

      The roof tiles and shingles are the TOP alternative for me to renovate our roof.
      Now there are Eternit shingles (asbestos) on the roof, which are replaced by the lightweight roof tiles from Moreplast.
      The cladding on the balcony and house wall, we will make with the roof shingles semicircular anthracite.
      The customer service *TOP we have always timely response by mail or phone received
      Delivery *TOP the shipment came about 1 week after we had ordered, the carrier has agreed with us the date
      Satisfaction *TOP the roof is now half covered, looks really great, the roofer is thrilled by the lightness of the pan and has praised the ease of assembly.
      We are completely satisfied and can only recommend the tiles and shingles.
      Ambrosius family

      Not verified purchase. More information

    2. LARS A.

      Have been looking for an alternative to sheet metal or tar paper for my garden shed and came across plastic pans. I am thrilled. Easy processing convinced even as a do-it-yourselfer. I could go over the roof without any problems without the tiles give way. Clear purchase recommendation!

      Verified purchase. More information

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